Castellon English Conversation Club

Castellon Conversation Club

The Conversation Club organizes enjoyable social activities in several languages.

We give you the opportunity to regularly practise your foreign language skills at a nominal price.

Native speakers and Erasmus students are invited free of charge.


                                                                                                                                                    Other languages:  Drapeau France  SPANISH Deutsch


              ENGLISH (To reserve a mini-session, you need to register at and look for "Pop-in English Castellón")

                             All levels  A choice of different timetables each week
                             Details at:

                             ADVANCED ENGLISH CONVERSATION GROUP
                Advanced level  Every Thursday from 7:30 to 8:30 pm

                GERMAN (To join our WhatsApp German Practice Group, send wassap to 693288206)
                             GERMAN CONVERSATION GROUP
                Beginners  Every Thursday from 5:30 to 6:30 pm

                FRENCH (To join our WhatsApp French Practice Group, send wassap to 693288206)
                             FRENCH CONVERSATION GROUP
                Advanced level  Every Friday from 7:50 to 8:50 pm

                ITALIAN (To join our WhatsApp Italian Practice Group, send wassap to 693288206)
                             ITALIAN CONVERSATION GROUP
                All levels  Timetables currently being discussed

                DUTCH (To join our WhatsApp Dutch Practice Group, send wassap to 693288206)
                             DUTCH CONVERSATION GROUP
                All levels  Timetable to be set at a later date

                OTHER LANGUAGES (To propose a new group, send wassap to 693288206)

                           All levels  As soon as there are four or five students interested
                           in starting one of these groups, a timetable will be organised


            Every week the groups will meet at different cafés/bars in the centre of Castellon.
            The exact location will be announced i
n the corresponding WhatsApp group.
            To join, send a wassap to 693288206 indicating the group you are interested in.

             IMPORTANT: Confirm attendance in your WhatsApp group 24 hours before your sessions.

How much does it cost and what can I expect? 2018-2019 Prices

What are the conditions? Conditions

Star See discounts in "Charges" (above)

DISCLAIMER: The Conversation Club is an evolution of the language activities started by R J Prince in 1979.
We do not accept responsibility for any other clubs or associations that try to copy us and offer poor quality services.

 © 2018 Rikki J Prince


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