The Hole adventures
Six games in one on a choice of three different boards

Depenz board game

One of the three board versions: Volcanic Island Adventure


The Negotiating Game is a novel property buying game that is very simple and intuitive to play,

with a novel negotiation mechanism that benefits players

that are friendly and cooperative rather than selfish and self-centred.

It reflects the interdependent world we live in, where unrestrained

selfishness can bring the world crashing down around us.

Children love the simplicity of the game and adults love its openendedness.

The game is also ideal for practising foreign languages at all levels.

And then there is the story of the "golem", a player who was abandoned

to his fate by his companions in the vicinity of a black hole.

Now, he is looking for revenge... Watch out!

These six games are included:

The Negotiating Game for adults and children who enjoy negotiating          

 Half your money for children learning how to divide by two

    Golem for children who like mosters

Walk like a Zombie for children who like to chase and be chased

    Zombie from the Hole a perfect combination of zombies and negotiating skills

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Alternatively, you can request the digital files for just 2€ and print the game yourself.

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,Black Hole Space Adventure

Another of the three board versions: Black Hole Space Adventure

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