Hole Adventures
A game that shows that, when we use our emotional intelligence, it is always possible to reach an agreement

Zombie from the Hole board game

(BLACK HOLE) RESCUE from Hole Adventures


Hole Adventures  contains six games in one.

The first game is (BLACK HOLE) RESCUE which is a property buying game that is very simple

and intuitive to play, with a novel negotiation mechanism that benefits players

that are kind and friendly rather than selfish and self-centred.


It reflects the interdependent world we live in, where unrestrained

selfishness can bring the world crashing down around us.

Children love the simplicity of the game and adults love its openendedness.

The game is also ideal for practising foreign languages at all levels.

Recommended for children aged 9 and over.

The other games included  are::

Walk like a Zombie for ages 5 to 10

Easy Money for ages 6 and up

Half your Money for ages 7 and up

Zombie from the Hole for ages 10 and up and

Party Game for ages 15 and up.

The set of six games will retail at 29,98€

Until the game comes into full production, the game can be downloaded

for FREE


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